Butter Your Corn Easily with the ButterOnce

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Do you love experimenting in the kitchen? Enjoy being your home’s chef?

Or maybe you are just constantly annoyed and tired of butter sliding off your knife when you are trying to slather butter on your corn. Instead of trying to maneuver your knife in the right way or resorting to a spoon, chose the ButterOnce corn butter knife instead.

Now there is finally a knife specifically made to butter your corn with little hassle. With a sharp enough edge to slice through your butter stick and a curved blade, your new knife will cradle your stick of corn perfectly. Due to the shape of the blade, there is a reduced risk of the butter sliding out of your grasp and onto the floor or your plate if you are lucky enough to catch it. This makes slathering your corn smooth and easier than a generic knife.

There are many other benefits to the ButterOnce that make it the most perfect choice for any in-home chef or kitchen wizz.

Key Features

The ButterOnce won’t even cause you any hassle in the clean-up. Being dishwasher safe, you can just lay it down flat and let the dishwasher handle the dirty work. If you don’t own a dishwasher that is fine, it can be easily hand washed too.

The ButterOnce is made with a stainless steel blade which is not only an easy clean metal but an easy-to-use metal. The handle is an ergonomic handle, which gives you comfortability when using the ButterOnce.

A lot of kitchen gadgets tend to raise prices through the roof, but the ButterOnce retails at $6.95, making it an incredibly cost efficient gadget for your kitchen.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For many of us, we get frustrated at the lack of being able to butter our corn quickly and easily to the point where as much as butter on corn tastes better, we don’t bother with it. Now, with the ButterOnce, we have no excuse and we can enjoy our buttered corn with no hassle.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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