There are hundreds of ways that nature inspires us to come up with innovations and the Kor Waterfall is the latest example of how Mother Nature can help us.

The Kor Waterfall is a water filtration system that uses coconut shell fragments to remove any natural dirt or odours from the water to make it healthier to consume and feel much more refreshing.

The filtering process is almost instantaneous and filters through as you pour it meaning that water doesn’t sit and stagnate as it waits minutes to go through the filtering process

As well as embracing natural products, the Kor Waterfall is loaded with other features to make it a handy item to have around the kitchen with some examples including:

  • The waterfall has two glass containers at either end meaning you can have fruit or herbs waiting on the other end to help you enjoy fresh flavoured water in an instant
  • The silicon and plastic pieces surrounding the shell filter have been approved by regulatory bodies such as the FDA ensuring that the entire process is safe and sturdy for regular use.
  • All the pieces are easy to clean and can be placed in a dishwasher when necessary so that they can be used time and time again without getting damaged.

By giving you healthy and safe drinking water, the Kor Waterfall is a naturally-inspired masterpiece that is destined for your kitchen bench.

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