Keep Your Coffee At The Perfect Temperature With The Ember Mug²

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It's always frustrating to make a hot drink only to forget about and return later to find that it's gone ice-cold but this predicament may no longer exist thanks to the Ember Mug².

Available in both 295ml and 414ml variations, the Ember Mug² has sensors built into the bottom of the mug allowing it to maintain a constant temperature ranging from 50ËšC to 62.5ËšC.

The temperature is set via an accompanying app for smartphones and can be programmed to maintain the desired settings for well over an hour.

Key Features

The mug can work remotely for 80 mins (414ml) or 90 mins (295ml) on a single charge whilst the accompanying saucer acts as a charging pad for the mug extending its range further if a full cup stays on there.

It is easy to clean with the mug submersible up to 1m of water and it can be hand-washed allowing it to be ready for use again in a matter of minutes.

Small activity sensors built within the mug allow it to judge whether the cup has been used recently and can switch itself off to save battery and turn back on when it is touched once again.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By ensuring that our drinks stay warm for a long time, the Ember Mug² will ensure that you will never have to worry about letting your coffee go cold ever again.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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