Both the Basic and Beauty LastSwab swabs provide an alternative to q-tips that is reusable and more effective.

I have looked for alternatives to cotton swabs for a while to no luck. I heard about the LastSwab Basic and Beauty Varieties and had to try them.

The LastSwab Basic and Beauty are reusable, portable, and eco-friendly alternatives to disposable cotton swabs.

Literally anyone who uses swabs could benefit from making the switch to LastSwab. I got it mostly to save on disposable swabs but have found that they are simply more effective.

Both the Basic and Beauty LastSwab options are impressive. 

  • Corn-based carrying case
  • Reusable
  • Easy to wash

They are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Both the Beauty and Basic options seemed like regular swabs at first. Upon trying them, I realized that they are superior to cotton swabs and offer a green solution.

I have been using both the Beauty and Basic swabs and so far they are equally effective. I’ve used and washed them countless times in the last 3 weeks and they hold up and the LastSwab Basic and Beauty hold up.

I no longer have to keep restocking on disposable cotton swabs. Not only that, the LastSwab is clearly more effective than the alternative.

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