With COVID and the masses working at home, BackShield is great at home or in auto. The BackShield can help align your back within 2-3 weeks leading to less discomfort. It fits in car seats without damaging them.

My bad posture has made me look into solutions with no luck. When I saw the BackShield, I could tell it was worth trying.

The BackShield is a back support system that helps to improve your posture and align your spine.

If you sit at a desk for long hours or are in the car a lot, the BackShield can help greatly. I got it to help with my back pain but realized it improved my posture overall.

If the BackShield causes discomfort at first, that means it is working. 

  • Straps into car seats
  • Easy to grab handles
  • Vertical lumbar slots
  • The out layer is a unique patented material called PopFoam

We do not make claim that is takes a few weeks for proper spine alignment and relief. Some see results within the first week.

When I saw it, I couldn’t tell exactly how it worked. After a few weeks of using it, I noticed that my spine feels better than ever.

After using it for several weeks, the effects of the BackShield got better and better. I recommend that you stick with it for a few weeks because that is how long it takes for proper alignment. Learn more on their website.

Having stuck with BackShield, my back and spine feel like new. I no longer dread my long commute. For me, it works great on sciatica.

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