With many new foods containing weird and wonderful ingredients, there has never been a greater need to look after your teeth and the ION-Sei ionic toothbrush has been designed to combat these new issues.

To ensure maximum cleanliness during usage, the ION-Sei tootbrush uses the reaction between the titanium brush handle and UV light from the head to remove all the different types of bacteria and plaque sitting on teeth.

The ions generated from the brushhead react naturally with the saliva in the mouth to remove all the nasty germs and help keep both teeth and gums healthy for the day ahead.

There are lots of nifty features that make the ION-Sei an innovative new approach to oral hygiene with many smart features such as:

  • The toothbrush comes with both a standard and a soft brush head with the standard brush ideal for cleaning teeth whilst the soft brush is designed to massage and protect the gums.
  • It has three different modes to help you manage the amount of cleaning you need to do from the day ranging from a deep clean to a gentle wipedown.
  • The ION-Sei can last for around 40 2-minute cleaning cycles on a single charge making it an easy item to take with you for week long trips without having to worry about packing the charging stand with it.

By removing all bacterial threats and being a durable device, the ION-Sei is certainly a toothbrush that helps you comfortably manage all the threats to oral hygiene faced in modern foods.

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