If you have issues with your sight, it can be difficult finding a pair of glasses that fits your needs but now this problem could be eliminated thanks to the Eyejusters that can help you adjust the focus of your glasses to meet your needs

With a dial that can adjust the lens focus from anywhere between +0.50-+4.00 normal sight making it a perfect device for anyone who may need glasses for just a few tasks such as reading or DIY.

As they come in a range of styles and colours, these multi-functional devices can be worn by anyone regardless of their background, age or gender.

There are always nifty little features hidden within wearable gadgets and the Eyejusters are no exception with a host of quirky tricks including:

  • The piece is made from two separate lenses which cancel out the positive-negative ratio of the lens focus adjusting the overall zoom portion of the lens allowing for the user to adjust the focus to their specific needs.
  • Each lens is made from anti-scratch glass to prevent damage from dirt or scratches and alter the result of the lens as they are adjusted by the user.
  • With no individual eye having the same issues, the lens can be adjusted on each side enabling the user to strengthen or weaken the zoom to perfect the focus according to the requirements they need for each eye.

With the ability to tweak the Eyejusters to the exact needs and specs for whatever purpose you need, you will never have to worry about having multiple glasses for multiple jobs ever again.

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