WOWcube Entertainment – A Redefining Twist On Handheld Gaming

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Are you a fan of modern video games but crave the tactile fun of classic puzzle games?

Look no further than the WOWcube, a hybrid entertainment system that delivers fun like no other.

Innovative yet unmistakable familiar, WOWcube is a blend of classic hand-held puzzle games and modern videogames. A product of three generations of prototypes, the WOWcube Shake-N-Twist design combines the satisfying snap of a Rubix cube with 24 micro-displays on a 2×2 axis, letting you interact with digital worlds as if they were real objects.

WOWcube’s unique design is complemented by a variety of fun and challenging titles including arcade-style exploration, edutainment, brain-trainers, and puzzles, which makes it truly a device for anyone. Best yet, this piece of fun is more than a simple toy, STEM-certified as an educational device, the WOWcube helps improve cognitive function, relieve stress, and sharpen the mind.

A first-of-its-kind entertainment system, WOWcube is packed full of unique features. Take a deeper look at the WOWcube’s impressive twist on handheld gaming further below.

Key Features

Twist, tap, tilt and shake your way through an assortment of fun games. WOWcube challenges your sense of touch, sight, and sound in a way no other gaming system can.

WOWcube is a STEM-certified educational product, helping you enhance your three-dimensional thinking, motor functions, and cognitive ability, all while having fun.

Not just a toy, WOWcube is fitted with handy widgets, Smart Home connectivity, photo display, and much more.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

A product of truly original creativity, the WOWcube is engaging entertainment for players of all ages while delivering effective learning and brain training.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

Adam Lucci, a Melbourne resident, is a technology aficionado with a talent for evaluating the latest, most stylish gadgets, With his extensive background in health and fitness as a seasoned lifeguard at Watermarc Belgravia Leisure, Adam's evaluations of fitness gadgets are informed by his expertise in this field.