Experience Seamless Wireless Gaming Anywhere in the House With NexusLink’s Wireless Gaming Bridge

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Tired of a wireless connection compromising your gaming experience? NexusLink’s WB1750-KIT gaming bridge is the nifty solution that keeps you connected in and around your home.

Whether you’re in the heat of a firefight or exploring a dungeon, getting the best out of your gaming means having a powerful and reliable connection. Anything less than perfect can be a disaster.

Providing the freedom of a wireless router with the stability of a private LAN network, the WB1750-KIT Gaming Bridge is the ideal solution to your wireless gaming.

NexusLink has crafted their gaming bridge with performance, range, and consistency in mind. With an unmatched private point-to-point LAN wireless signal that penetrates walls, doors, and other obstructions, your connection is consistent and sustained throughout your home. This means no more running around trying to find a spot with the best connection.

With a wealth of other built-in network performance and optimisation features, the NexusLink WB1750-KIT Gaming Bridge is sure to enhance your wireless gaming.

Key Features

With a dedicated 5GHZ band the days of network traffic are over. Eliminate lag and dropped frames from high-bandwidth activities like streaming with an uninterrupted private network connection.

Experience seamless wireless gaming with leading-edge technologies like high-performance AC1750 for increased speeds and MU-MIMO lag reduction.

With an easily accessible WPS button for quick pairing NexusLink Gaming Bridge’s two-piece kit can be set up within minutes so you don’t have to wait to get connected.

The NexusLink’s Gaming Bridge is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports letting you connect up to 2 devices.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Don’t let a weak wireless connection ruin your gaming experience. Get the power of a concentrated private point-to-point connection with the NexusLink Gaming Bridge, so you can get immersed and stay immersed in your games.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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