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Take Mobile Gaming To The Next Level With The Stygianforce Professionals Kit

Mobile gaming is now one of the biggest trends in the world but using your fingers as controls can be tricky so the arrival of the StygianForce Professionals Kit could be seen as a blessing for gamers everywhere.

Packed with features, the StygianForce Professionals Kit has all the controls and tools needed for gaming on your smartphone with the inclusion of a trigger function, grip pads and cleaning cloths.

Each of the aspects included in the kit are made from a rubber coating to provide extra grip whilst the foam insulation on the inner lining of the components is shock absorbent should you accidentally drop your phone whilst playing.

Key Features

The MobileTrigger is shaped like a claw allowing for four fingers to press the control giving much better grip and allowing for more precise movements when playing shooting or action games.

It comes with microfiber cloths that are designed to remove any sweat or grease from the screen and body preventing the screen from missing any finger reads and improve grip on the phone's casing.

The grippy casing for the phone has multiple sections cut out of the body so that other peripherals such as headphones and chargers can be connected so you don't have to alter the way you play to manage time or the type of game you play.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With a raft of different features designed to boost your gaming needs, the StygianForce Professionals Kit will ensure that you can enjoy mobile gaming to its fullest extent.

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