Refine your mobile gaming skills with the pegg Turbo 7 – a gaming device with 7 distinct tapping speeds to give you more control whilst playing mobile titles

The tapping mechanism that most mobile games utilize can be a difficult system to master however the launch of the pegg Turbo 7 could help you become a master in the mobile gaming world.

Like its name suggests, the pegg Turbo 7 is a gaming device that recreates the tapping motion on screen and gives the user greater control of any tapping movements needed whilst gaming.

The device has seven buttons designed to mimic seven different speeds: 

  • speed 1 (slow)
  • speeds 2, 3 & 4  (slow to moderate)
  • Speeds 5 & 6 (fast to very fast) 
  • Speed 7 (extremely fast)

To help boost its appeal to gamers, the pegg Turbo 7 has an assortment of features to aid their gameplay needs such as:

  •  It comes with a microUSB charging cable enabling it to charge alongside your mobile phone and allow it to always be ready for use whenever you want to start playing with mates.
  •  Weighing in at just 512g, the entire device is extremely lightweight making it handy to take whilst travelling to work or on long journeys as well as for when you are at home
  • With a 2-year warranty included on the entire system, you can relax that any issues will be looked after and fixed without any concerns or problems.

By catering to all levels of mobile gaming, the pegg Turbo 7 is a gaming accessory that will ensure that you will always have a chance to overcome even the hardest of opponents on your smartphone.

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