In the past few years, we have seen stories embrace digital media as narrators look to bring their ideas to life and engage with their audience in new ways and now a new story called Journal 29 looks to take this idea one step further.

Journal 29 tells the story of an excavation team who vanished after 29 weeks of discovering an unknown item and it is up to the player to discover the mystery surrounding their disappearance.

The interactive story requires the player to solve a series of riddles and brainteasers to progress through the plot and use technology such as your smartphone and the internet to solve each puzzle.

In order to bring Journal 29 to life, the developers have employed some tricks and perks to let the user embrace modern technology into the story with some features including:

  •  Each 2-page puzzle is split into two sections – one page containing the riddle and the other containing the answer (key). The key almost has to be viewed online for you to progress meaning that you will need your smartphone handy to progress further through the game.
  • The interactive book has QR codes scattered throughout the book which needs to be scanned to see answers and progress further through the story.

By engaging with modern technology, Journal 29 shows that it is now possible to enjoy engaging and interactive stories with simply your phone and without the need for a TV or computer.

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