Game On-The-Go with Ease with the GameSir F7 Tablet Game Controllers

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Do you find it difficult to play games on your iPad or tablet that require more agile movements?

Sometimes our screens are so large that holding onto the sides and making our avatars move with just our fingers can be difficult. Luckily, GameSir has you covered and protected thanks to the F7 Claw Tablet Game Controllers.

Made to slide onto the sides of your tablet, giving your hands the same comfort an Xbox or PlayStation controller gives you, you’ll find ease when gaming. With the games that are available on both the Apple and Google Play stores growing constantly, with new games added every day, first-player games have increased but the difficulty in playing them has increased with them. As the F7 Claws slide onto the sides, you’ll have a 6 finger playing experience as you are no longer straining your hand to fit the tablet and play with space and relaxation. Now the claws hold it strong enough for you. 

The F7 Claw Tablet Game Controllers have many benefits to adding them to your gaming accessories if tablet gaming is a medium you enjoy.

Key Features

They are compatible with any tablet system that you have. Fitted for both Apple and Android products, the grips will slide and hook to the sides with ease, there are no different versions. Everyone can pick up the same controllers for any tablet system.

As these gaming controllers are an ergonomic design, they will work for all games and all platers. With turbo buttons on the back of both controllers, easy on and off buttons, and your typical R1/L1 triggers, any gamer will find ease with these controllers. There are many suction cups on both controllers also, meaning they will stick securely to your device for easy gaming.

You can use both controllers and touch gaming modes dependant on your game with these controllers. The F7 controllers help you achieve faster and more accurate results when playing your games, with up to 120 hours of playing time you can continue to use these controllers for days and days after only 2 hours of charging.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Controllers aren’t typically thought of as a gaming accessory for your iPad or tablet, however thanks to GameSir, we have options to make gaming easier, no matter the medium we prefer.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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