Mobile Gaming made for everyone with the GameSir X2

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Do you love gaming, but hate carting around your consoles?

We all have our phones in our back pocket and with smartphone technology, we have gaming at our fingertips. But you still want that gaming console experience with controllers and joysticks. GameSir has upgraded its past gadgets with a new Bluetooth mobile gaming controller the X2. At first glance, the X2 looks very similar to the Nintendo Switch controllers, so if you are used to those controls then your hands will already know just how to use the X2. If you have either an iOS or Android device, the X2 works perfectly through Bluetooth connectivity. The X2 is easily attachable and detachable to any phone to make it accessible to everyone. All in all, the X2 is made to fit and work for every mobile gamer. There are many other features that make the X2 an amazing addition to everyone’s gaming collection.

Key Features

The X2 supports devices up to 173mm. With smartphones continuing to grow in size, both larger and smaller, mobile gaming device attachments need to accommodate.

The grips of the controller are soft rubber grips that are soft on your hands so they don't begin to dig into your hands. The design also has an air cooling design with a small gap to increase the air circulation so your system won't overheat.

With long battery life and incredible cloud gaming capabilities, you will be able to game for hours upon hours. There are endless possibilities from what you can play from the cloud games to the Apple Arcade and MFI Games that can be played on mobile devices.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you are a mobile gamer, it would be in any gamers best interest to invest in a Bluetooth console for their phone just like the GameSir X2 Bluetooth Wireless Controller. Made specifically for all mobile gamers, anywhere, any time.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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