Charge Your Device on a Beautiful Oak Designed Wireless Charger

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Have we all started running into the issue that charging our devices with cords is getting tricky? Have you found that many cords get tangled? Or pulling the cord up from the back of your desk is useless as when you unplug your device the cord is just falling back down onto the ground again?

Then the Oakywood Slim Wireless Charging Station is the best charger for you. As many smartphones, smartwatches, and headphone cases are beginning to implement wireless technology within the device, this has begun to grow the charging devices market. From older bulkier styles, Oakywood now has made a slim wireless charging station. This will prevent your charger from falling off and behind your desk with its study weight keeping it in place on your desk. There are many technical features that make this wireless charging station not only well-made but highly desired by many customers.

Key Features

This Oakywood Slim Wireless Charging Station is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices in order to charge the device. Whether that is your iPhone (starting from iPhone 8 through to 12), your Samsung device, Google Pixel device, and many more, just check the tech specifications of your device to check compatibility.

While being made out of wood and stainless steel, the 10W inductive charging technology means that your device can fully charge within 3 hours, which gives you less of a wait time between uses of your device.

If you keep a case on your device, as long as it isn't thicker than 4mm, the Oakywood Slim Wireless Charging Station will still be able to charge your phone through your phone case.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Many of us find the accessibility and ease of a wireless charger to be desirable, and with the slim and beautiful oak design of the Oakywood Slim Wireless Charging Station, it is both accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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