Mould your Beard to Your Liking with the Aberlite Pro Beard Straightener

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No matter how thick, full and lustrous your beard is, it can always be better.

If you’re just scraping together a full beard, you’ll want it to look as thick and filled-in as possible. If you’re lucky enough to grow an unruly mane with ease, then it’s likely you struggle to maintain it.Whatever the case, the Aberlite Pro Beard Straightener is for you.

25% smaller than competitors, perfect for your bathroom cabinet and able to fit in your travel bag, the Aberlite Pro is a must-have for any beard owner. Whether your hair is short and rough or long and curly, the close-knit and short bristles and even, consistent heat are the match for any and every beard.

Key Features

The Aberlite Pro will make your beard appear longer and fuller and feel softer in just two minutes.

An extra-long power cord that can swivel to avoid getting tangled and an ergonomic handle, this Beard Straightener is incredibly comfortable to use.

Automatically turns off after twenty minutes to ensure your beard-straightening experience remains hazard-free.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If your beard is important to you, which it almost certainly is if you have one, chances are you treat it well. You have beard oil, you brush it, and you sculpt it with care. If that’s the case, this beard straightener is something to add to your repertoire. A combination of heat and strong, short bristles, the Aberlite Pro Beard Straightener will improve your beard game.

Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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