Combine Your Two Favourite Passions With The PG 2.5 X Playstation Sneaker

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Finally, a product for which gamers, sneakerheads and NBA fans can unite.

The PG 2.5 X PlayStation is a must-have, whether you plan to place it next to your PlayStation Console, break ankles in them or wear them out to dinner. Whatever your motivation, these sneakers are the perfect way to elegantly show off your passion for gaming.

Nike PG 2.5 PlayStation Shoes

Fashionably drawing inspiration from the original PlayStation through it’s base grey and accents of blue and yellow, this PG 2.5 screams PlayStation. Whether it’s the classic four-colour PlayStation logo emblazoned on the tongue of the left shoe and Paul George’s logo on the right, the iconic cross, square, triangle and circle logos covering the heel and counter, there is a call-back to George’s love for gaming everywhere you look.

Key Features

PlayStation fan, there is something for you whatever way you look at this sneaker. Whether it’s the big yellow and red Nike Swooshes, the turquoise eyelets, translucent blue outsole or the bold classic logo, this shoe is as ‘PlayStation’ as it gets.

More than embodying PlayStation, Paul George’s shoe brand, the ‘PG’s’ are incredibly popular to play Basketball in. They ranked second in 2018’s Sportskeeda best basketball shoes list.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

These are the perfect shoes for a gamer who wants to show off his passion, a PlayStation collector or just a basketball player who wants a little pizazz on his feet. Paul George used them to show off his hobby that helps him relax. Anyone who buys this shoe can do the same.

Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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