C3STROM ASTRO Electric Bike – Unlike Any Bike Ever Before

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C3STROM started with a totally clean sheet of paper when they decided to bring this amazing concept to life – and it shows.

The quality and attention to detail is quite incredible. It looks more like a motorbike or a moped than a traditional bicycle. There is no adjustable seat as we know it, but then, there isn’t one on a motorbike either. That can be great for simplicity, or not, if you have long legs.

Girl Riding C3STROM ASTRO PRO E-bike

The front suspension has good travel and is adjustable for different rider weights. There is no rear suspension. This is probably not an issue because those big 20 X 4.25 tyres soak up many bumps. Features abound: a large headlight, a good horn, turn signals, a taillight under the seat that doubles as a brake light, a kickstand, a clear display showing, speed, assist level and trip distance.

An accompanying phone app gives access to all that information and more. There is comprehensive data on battery level and status – terrific either for your own monitoring, or if you are buying a second-hand unit and want to know how good the battery is.

Speaking of the battery, the standard Astro comes with a 780Wh unit, while the upgraded Astro Pro has 1040Wh. Both drive through a powerful 750W hub motor. The Astro has 50 miles max range, while the larger Pro battery takes it to 78 miles maximum, with a top speed of 32mph in both cases. The display readout is configurable to imperial or metric.


The battery fits in where the fuel tank would sit on a motorbike, and it is removable for security or ease of charging and is key lockable. The Astro comes with a powerful 4-amp charger that will get you back on track in no time, and the carrier above the rear wheel can be used either for a panier to carry the personal bits and pieces, or a spare battery.

Stopping power comes from front and rear hydraulic disk brakes, and both wheels have standard mudguards to minimise water spray to your clothes.

The whole power train, motor or pedal, operates through a quality 7 speed Shimano set.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

This is a Class 3 bike in the USA. The classification system is a minefield of specs and limits to do with speeds, electric motor power limits, and other bits and pieces and it even varies between states. Other countries have their own rules. The bottom line is, be legal, but above all, be safe.

The ASTRO and ASTRO PRO are beautifully designed and offer as much speed, range and comfort as any electric bike enthusiast could need. Plus, it looks amazing!

The designers say they selected the name ASTRO because of its connotations of ‘space age’. We think they chose well.

C3STROM ASTRO electric bike – designed for riders.


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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