THE BACKMATE: Massage Your Back and Feel The Best You Can From Your Own Home

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The Backmate is an at home solution for back pain allowing you to massage your problem areas on your own.

I struggle with back pain, as well as finding a solution for it. As soon as I saw The Backmate, I had to give it a try.

The Backmate gives you the power to get a deep tissue massage on your own without having to leave the house.

Anyone who is active or suffers back pain could use this greatly. I got it to help ease the pain post-workout but have found it to be a great way to start the day as well.

Key Features

Stainless steel and reinforced nylon construction

Swivel head

Fits in 24-36 doorways

Removable end caps for storage

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

It can be used in almost any doorway.

Before it was assembled, I couldn’t tell how good it was. When I easily put it together and tried it in my doorway, I was sold.

I have found that this is great to take on the go. It breaks down easily and you never know when you’ll need it. After 3 weeks, The Backmate is still in great shape.

The Backmate has essentially gotten rid of my back pain. I now have an easy solution for pain.

Adam Lucci

Adam Lucci is the father of Kaiser 🐕 and currently living in Melbourne, Vic. Adam enjoys writing reviews on the most trending and coolest released gadgets. Adam is also an experienced lifeguard at Watermarc Belgravia Leisure, and his opinion on health and fitness gadgets comes with careful assessment and consideration.