The Steel HR Sport is a smartwatch meant for workouts that monitors your heart rate and is packed with features to improve your workout.

Finding a watch right for the gym has been hard for me. I heard about the Steel HR Sport and had to try it myself.

The Steel HR Sport is a smartwatch loaded with features that help out in the gym.

If you workout or even do a lot of walking, you could use this watch. I got it for the gym but have enjoyed checking the monitoring as I go about my day and I get a lot out of it.

Each feature is important.

  • Water-resistant
  • 25-day battery life
  • GPS tracking
  • Heart monitoring
  • Phone notifications

Every aspect of this watch helps you track your health.

When I saw it, I didn’t know what to think. After trying it out, I realized that this smartwatch adds value to my workouts.

I realized that using the Steel HR Sports Multi-Sport Hybrid Watch to track my heart rate and calorie burning has taught me more about my body.

Using Steel HR Sport has made me more conscious of my health. It helps me to not overexert myself, as well as meet my daily workout goals. I recommend it highly.

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