ZIRUX Charger X: The Charge That You’ve Always Needed

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The ZIRUX Charger X powerful and fast charging with file-sharing capabilities. No more messes of cables and ineffective power banks.

With the advancement of smartphones and tablets, I find myself and my colleagues using them for work more and more and it naturally needs to be charging a lot which interrupts the workflow. When I discovered the ZIRUX Charger X, I was immediately pulled in by its premise.

Currently, in the pledge phase on Kickstarter, the ZIRUX is a 100W battery hub that features two USB slots and a microSD card slot.

Many Uses

Besides quickly and efficiently charging your phone, tablet or laptop, the ZIRUX Charger X eliminates the need for a messy and cumbersome pile of chargers and dongles. The two USB ports mean that you can charge two devices at once without sacrificing any speed.

You can use the ZIRUX Charger X to quickly transfer files or back them up on the go. For me, being able to transfer and share files while not at the office is a key part of building towards streamlined work experience and that’s what I look forward to from this charger.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The added variety of being able to charge so many devices from an iPhone to a Switch is what really has me sold and I can’t wait. For first impressions, the ZIRUX gets a 5/5 from me.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

Adam Lucci, a Melbourne resident, is a technology aficionado with a talent for evaluating the latest, most stylish gadgets, With his extensive background in health and fitness as a seasoned lifeguard at Watermarc Belgravia Leisure, Adam's evaluations of fitness gadgets are informed by his expertise in this field.