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Always Toasty Warm with the FLîKR Fire ®

Gadget User Rating 5

Don't you love the feeling of a warm fire keeping you cozy on a cold day?

A tiny little personal fireplace sounds like a perfect way to stay rugged up and add ambiance to a winter’s night. The FLÎKR Fire® is the most ideal choice to bring the beauty of an open fireplace to an enclosed place.

The FLÎKR Fire® has been custom-made to keep your open fire-safe and versatile in use. As it is an isopropyl alcohol fireplace it is easy to refill and reuse as often as possible. Only 5 ounces of 70% or 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol can give you up to 50 minutes of burn time to keep you personally toasty warm. There is no need to change or turn down your homes a/c as the FLÎKR Fire® still emits a cozy warmth you can get behind.

There are many other benefits to the FLÎKR Fire® that make it a beautiful addition to your home;

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Open fireplaces can be scary to a lot of people, but the FLÎKR Fire® is a safe open fire that brings a beautiful ambiance into your home, a lovely decor piece, and warmth like never before.

Hayley Ianna

When not spending her time reading comics and working on her new cosplay, Hayley Ianna enjoys trying out the latest gadgets to make any part of her life better, which also gives her a reason to review them for all to see. Professional and Creative Writer from Deakin University.