Enjoy the Sun at all Hours of the day with the Sunne

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Do you enjoy the benefits of lights that mimic the sun? Or, maybe you want to incorporate more solar energy into your life?

Then the indoor light, the Sunne, is definitely a light fixture that you would want to add to your home. The Sunne is a solar-powered light that adheres to your window to then illuminate your home. Bringing in solar energy during the day, the Sunne then will light up your home with sunlight during the evenings and night. With the growth of solar energy technology, it has moved from just the roof panels that we all know and love, to a more innovative and artistic style. The Sunne brings this new technology to a new level while also bringing the sun into the home. As well as bringing the sun into our homes in a new way during the night, there are many features to the Sunne;

Key Features

There are three settings to the Sunne, rise to replicate the sun rising with purple and yellow, light which is a setting perfect for both reading and relaxing, and set which is a beautiful darker glow to help slow down during the evening.

If you are curious as to how much light that your Sunne is collecting, there is a connected app that you can download to your smartphone to see how much solar energy your Sunne has held onto.

In using sunlight instead of electricity, the Sunne helps push us into a world with more sustainable energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

In bringing more solar energy into the home, we will live in a more sustainable Earth. As well as not having to rely on electricity to illuminate our rooms at night, the Sunne is a great option, especially for those who love the sunlight in all its forms.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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