A Customizable Digital Display – The Tidbyt

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Do you find that you're constantly checking your phone for the time or the weather and it results in you scrolling your social media apps and ignoring or procrastinating your work?

This has led to the creation of the Tidbyt, a walnut-enclosed digital display. The Tidbyt is a smart display that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and with Wi-Fi to display and cycle through many apps on your desk. As long as the information can fit on the display, the Tidbyt can display anything you need it to. Keeping you off your phone but still well-informed while running your daily errands or working at your desk. This allows the Tidbyt to help increase productivity while limiting the number of times you check your phone as it reduces procrastination. There are many features to the Tidbyt that makes it an ideal replacement for a generic desk clock.

Key Features

Being connected to your phone you are able to determine which apps you want your Tidbyt to display as well as its cycle. Choosing from showing the weather, to the time, as well as stocks and photos, your Tidbyt can display whatever you want.

The brightness of the Tidbyt can be controlled as well, with an auto-dimming feature so the display darkens at night and is brighter during the day for ease on your eyes.

If you are one who likes to write code and is able to work Python, you can build your own apps that will be compatible with the Tidbyt. Giving you complete customizability with your Tidbyt.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Many of us find that when we check the time or the weather on our phones we end up procrastinating, however, the Tidbyt removes that while still giving us all the details and information that we need and want with a simple desktop display.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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