Ever heard of Tail Therapy? Experts have conducted psychological tests and found that the simulation of a pet wagging its tail can reduce stress levels and evoke positive emotions. 

Unlike many cushions designed solely for comfort, Qoobo ups the snuggle game through this therapeutic pillow with a tail that responds to your touch. Through the use of advanced tech and numerous product-testing, Qoobo was able to expertly replicate the intricate motion of an animal wagging their tail.

Key features of Qoobo:

Extremely soft & lightweight (1,000g | W320 X H150 X D520 mm)

Eight hours of battery life (rechargeable)

Sensitive to your touch:

  • Light pats invokes gentle waves
  • Rubs invokes excited wagging

This therapeutic cushion is great company to have whenever you have a long day at work or a nerve-wrecking presentation on Zoom. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have a real cat sit on your lap, you’ll understand how soothing it is. With this tailed cushion, you can get your favourite kitty cuddles whenever, wherever, and for however long you’d like. 

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