Native Union Elevates Everyday Tech with Classic Leather

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Aiming to design everyday tech solutions that are a contrast to the low-quality plastics often found in the market, Native Union's; latest ;Classic Leather collection introduces solutions that truly place as much focus on design as performance.A wireless charger, AirPods, and AirPodsPro case make up the collectionfor elevated everyday power and carry.

What stands out from these pieces is their premium material and level of craftsmanship.Each item in the collection is enhanced with genuine Italian leather for a timeless aesthetic, sourced from a tannery located in the famed Arzigna no tanning district near Vicenza, Italy.Blue Angel Certified, the tannery emphasizes the highest standards of sustainable production in order to reduce the industries’ environmental impacts.

The wireless solution in the collection revisits Native Union’s signature Drop Wireless Charger.Originally in a sleek textile fabric, Drop Classic Leather Wireless Charger comes wrapped in soft Nappa leather to add a more premium feel to your everyday power needs while still keeping its original ultra-thin weighted aluminum base.The leather is hand-carved, skived, then carefully wrapped around the base. Finished with thoughtful design details like the hot stamped slash on top of the leather and a laser engraved logo on the aluminum, it’s a charging device that can complement and even enhance your home decor. Simply drop your device to charge in elevated style.

Drop Classic Leather Wireless Charger offers effortless charging for AirPods and AirPods Pro up to 5W, iPhone 8 or later up to 7.5W, and all Qi-compatible devices up to 10W.Two shades are available to cater to different users and preferences.Comes with a reinforced 6.5-foot USB-A to USB-C cable in a complementary charcoal color way to wrap up the look.

Classic Leather Case for AirPods and AirPods Pro are crafted using the same beautiful leather, in a more flexible form. The entire construction includes no plastic components, making it unique in its offering.Each case is created replicating the same level of mastery as crafting a premium cigar case each detail is hand sewn, making no two end products exactly alike. For those who wish to add more of their own character and personality to their daily tech devices, these Leather Cases for AirPods and AirPods pro are a fitting solution.

Providing full access to all ports and functions, as well as compatible with wireless chargers, you can enjoy refined style without compromising protection or performance. Plus, since these are crafted with natural leather, the product will age beautifully over time and create a unique patina formed from your interactions with the device.

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For those looking to enhance their everyday tech with more of a personal touch that’ll last,look no further.

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