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Have you found that you wish you could explore more of the world from the comfort and the simplicity of a bike, but you don't live anywhere near where you want to?

Well, now we can ride bikes in a virtual world thanks to Blync. Cycling can be a dangerous sport if you are someone who likes to cycle through the terrain and up hillsides because of the beautiful scenery that you can discover. With Blync, you can do that comfortably from your own living room and not fear for your safety. Being able to select and choose from many environments, your daily bike ride can be different every single day. You can achieve the thrill of riding your bike on the dangerous ground while not fearing that you’ll fall off. While Blync is fabulous for safe rides on dangerous grounds, there are many other reasons as to why this should be considered for anyone who loves riding their bike.

Key Features

You can maintain your fitness while still at home and comfortable. The struggle of maintaining a fitness schedule can be tricky and challenging for many adults, now you can ride your own bike in your home safely to increase your fitness both in the summer and the winter with the ability to ride any day, any time.

Many people fear the dizziness that can be associated with virtual reality and VR experiences. With Blync, you can change from first person to third person mode to reduce the risk of dizziness. Blync tries to mimic a real bike ride and make it feel as real as possible while also knowing that VR can cause issues for some, so there are two modes for maximum comfortability.

If you and your fellow riding partner also as Blync, during the winter or any time of day, you can use the multiplayer feature and ride with your friend. Blync can still give you the sense of riding with someone and having companionship while also having you both at home between busy schedules.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Cycling is a fun way to get great fitness activities into your day, and with Blync you won’t have to worry about when your next ride is, as it will always be there at home waiting for you, wherever you want to go.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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