Orbit Protect – State of the Art Panic Button

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The Orbit Protect a state of the art panic button that quickly send out your location in the event of trouble. It uses advanced technology so that in the event of emergency or danger, you can be easily and precisely located.

The adage better safe than sorry often comes up in my life, but not normally in the form of a product that I wish I had my whole life. Small, simple and sturdy, the Orbit Protect is essentially a panic button that gives you choices in personalizing a message to be distributed to your loved ones along with your GPS location in the event of pressing the button.

Upon pressing the button, one of three levels of alerts will be sent to your contact and their phone will beep even if their phone is on silent. It comes with a strong magnetic attachment so you can easily put it on your keychain, or you can clip it wherever you could quickly access it.

Stay Alert

There are three alert levels on the device. You press it once and hold for green, twice for yellow and three times for red. This indicates the severity of the situation and will communicate that to your contacts. I highly recommend the Orbit Protect as it makes me feel safer, and the more people walking around safely, the better.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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