The Fret Zealot is a bold innovation in the world of guitar sure to unleash a new wave of players. It uses simple but impressive technology to make the guitar easy to grasp.

When I began playing guitar at 12, getting a feel for using a pick was just as difficult as wrapping my head around the fretboard. If the Fret Zealot had existed when I first picked up the guitar, there’s no telling how quickly I could have come to understand the instrument.

Shredding Made Easy

The Fret Zealot is a device that uses colored LED lights on each fret to draw your eyes and fingers to the right notes and chords.  You simply attach a Bluetooth enabled box to your headstock and a fret strip to your neck connected via a short cable. 

The fret strip itself is light and does not obstruct the frets or strings. It is largely unnoticeable without the lights themselves.

While this product is a miracle for new guitar players, it has its place is seasoned players as well. I personally have found it useful in practicing scales as well as beefing up the rhythm.  I cannot recommend this enough as a lifelong guitarist.