‘Wait, what?’

‘Bring inanimate objects to life with this clever optical illusion?’

‘Such as restoring a feather to its former glory?’ 

Yes and yes! Introducing ‘Slow Dance’, a picture frame that masters the art of slow-motion using real-life objects! Creating a wonderful sense of mystery, it’s truly a gadget worth discovering.

‘Slow Dance’ is perfect for that ‘extra special’ gift, or an enchanting piece to wow your house-guests!

Small, light objects like feathers, plants and flowers are optimal for creating your illusion. Clip them in, and watch them dance in slow motion.

Aptly named by it’s artist-designer, Jeff Lieberman created ‘Slow Dance’ as a wedding gift for two dancers. 

Emanating the perfect combination of art, science and technology it captures and portrays the natural beauty of small objects, through this fascinating optical illusion. 

Enchanting and mysterious.

‘Slow Dance’ engages you in a state of mystery and wonder, as it breathes life into real objects before your eyes. It is virtually silent, depending on what object you use. 

Customize your experience.

Designed to hold an array of light objects, feathers, leaves and flowers work beautifully. Unleash your creative side and experiment. Simply clip in your item of choice, choose your settings, and watch it sway at a hypnotic slow speed.

Maximizing Your ‘Slow Dance’.

Running on a power supply, for indoor use, preferably in a darker area for best results. Nestled in the pinewood frame, high-speed strobe lighting illuminates the object, creating a magical effect.  Enjoy your sculpture free-standing or wall-mounted.

Wonderfully mysterious, what’s not to love?! 

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