GoFish Cam Will Take Your Fishing Experience to the Next Level

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GoFish Cam underwater fishing line camera allows you to see what happens underwater, and it can be the best companion of both novice and experienced anglers!

You love fishing, but due to lack of experience or luck, you don’t have much success during angling trips. GoFish Cam underwater fishing line camera is there to make things easier and more enjoyable for you. This action cam is capable of recording underwater and using a wireless network to send signals to your mobile app.

Here is how it works you attach the camera to your fishing line to have eyes in the water. GoFish Cam will help you to see what happens below the surface and adjust your moves accordingly. Thanks to its multiple features, it can be a great choice for novices and experienced anglers.

Novices will love the underwater experience provided by this camera, and it will help them with their first and subsequent catches. Veteran anglers can also improve results, as well as record action footage and brag to their friends or publish it to social media.

What Are The Specifications of This Underwater Fishing Line Camera?

The camera is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater environment, as well as different types of angling. It is easy to attach it to your fishing line but make sure to set it in a way that the line snaps below the camera. You will find details that will ensure you get the camera back even if the line breaks in the product manual.

The supported tension of this underwater fishing line camera is 1,000 pounds, and you can use it at up to 500 feet of depth and take advantage of the night vision. The battery takes 90 minutes to charge, and that is the estimated battery life at the highest picture quality.

Key Features

The GoFish Cam takes away all of the guesswork in fishing. Serious anglers and novices alike can download the recorded footage to their smartphone and review footage of successful trips, and not so successful ones, to assist with future improvements. The wireless camera comes with an LED greenlight for additional clarity in dark or murky waters.

All GoFish Cam underwater fishing line cameras come with a 1 year warranty, and are covered for use at depths of up to 500 feet. However, it has been successfully tested as was as 2000 feet.

Video clips can be easily downloaded in snippets of between one minute, or ten minutes. The GoFish Cam can record up to two hours of footage thanks to a rechargable lithium-ion battery.

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