Kisha Smart Umbrella is the Umbrella of the Future

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Kisha Smart Umbrella Classic is a beautiful and durable unit connected to a smartphone app to ensure you never lose an umbrella ever again!

Imagine this situation you took your umbrella because it’s raining, but you ended up forgetting it at work or losing it in the commute. The chances are you don’t have to imagine it because most of us faced umbrella loss at least once. That is where the innovative Kisha Smart Umbrella Classic comes into play.

The product is there to think instead of you, at least when it comes to not losing it. Kisha comes with a mobile app that will remind you when you lose your umbrella. The moment you move away from it, the device sends a notification to your phone, reminding you to come back. It is an incredibly useful feature that can save money and keep you dry.

A detailed map will show you where you left for the umbrella so that you don’t have to spend precious seconds looking for it. However, you can also take advantage of the device’s location awareness. If you don’t want the app to disturb you, pick a safe zone and turn off notifications for situations when you leave your unit there. Additional app features include a weather forecast and even a morning reminder to take your umbrella based on the chance of precipitation.

Kisha Smart Umbrella Classic is built with 16 fiberglass ribs for optimal durability. It is resistant to wind and corrosion, which means you can use it in severe weather conditions. The opening and closing mechanism is reliable, which adds to the product’s longevity. The overall dimensions are 42.5 inches from one tip to another, and 36.2 inches from crook handle to ferrule.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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