Hands-free use of your phone on the go with Aivo™ Connect

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Do you need to use your phone when you're driving and find it difficult to be hands-free?

Whether you need your phone to help you find your directions as an Uber or DoorDash driver, or you use the Bluetooth between your phone and car to listen to your music; being able to do it all hands-free is desired. That is why Aivo Connect has been created. The Aivo has Alexa built into the system. This means that you can be completely hands-free when driving, limiting distractions that will leave you focused on the road and around you. Having Alexa built-in, you will get to experience the pleasure and simplicity of Amazon Alexa with simple voice commands throughout your journey. Being able to ask Alexa to turn on your favorite music playlist, give you directions to and from your destinations as well as anything else you want to embed your Alexa with. Alexa isn’t the only incredible feature of the Aivo, there are many more that should be highlighted.

Key Features

There are two ways of mounting your Aivo in your car to whatever is safest for you. It can be mounted onto your dashboard, its first mounting option, as it allows for adjustable angles. The adhesive on the device locks your device strongly into place. The other option is to adhere it to your windshield, especially if you have leather interiors, this is the safest option for those cars.

TheAivo Connect is also a Qi-certified wireless charger for your device. If you have a phone with wireless charging technology, this car mount will also keep your device charged while being used. With no cords, it will also keep your dashboard clean and tidy.

Your Aivo Connect has automatic sensor arms that will open and hug your phone at whatever size your phone is. With the internal battery, even after your car is turned off you will still be able to retrieve your phone with the automatic arm sensors still in use.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For a phone mount in your car, the Aivo Connect raises the game for many other companies as the integrated technology only makes it easier to use. With the addition of Amazon Alexa, you will be completely hands-free and focused on the road, making you a safer driver.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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