The use of 4D media has been a great attraction at theme parks for years but you can finally bring these experiences to life in your living room thanks to the launch of the Zhocking Beats headset.

Like most 4D compatible devices, the Zhocking Beats headphones utilizes different levels of vibrations to enable the body to feel sensations that closely resemble the real-life item that you see on screen.

This headset manages the different vibration levels to replicate different sensations when gaming such as echoes from gunfire, the sound of engines revving on the tarmac or nearby explosions rocking your surroundings.

Bringing 4D to the living room is no easy feat and the Zhocking Beats has been loaded with tech to help achieve an unmatched media experience such as:

  • The audio is presented in full surround sound with sounds projected at a 360˚ angle allowing for you to completely immerse yourself in the content on screen.
  • Sounds can be enhanced through a high, medium or low setting to help you find settings that you are comfortable with to maximize the 4D experience when wearing the headset.
  • It comes with a host of peripheral cables and jacks to allow the headset to connect with computers, tablets, phones and TV’s allowing you to enjoy a 4D experience on any device at home.

By giving a unique 4D experience in almost any format accessible, the Zhocking Beats headset finally allows for all the content on screen to come to life without leaving the confines of the living room.

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