HiTune True Wireless Earbuds

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Wireless headphones all now come loaded with technology so it can be hard to find a pair that are right for you however the HiTune wireless earbuds give you the ability to control what you listen to with a simple tap of the body.

The HiTune wireless earbuds are small enough to fit comfortably inside your ear and when the body is touched by your finger, you can use it to carry out basic functions such as selecting different tracks.

A single tap can pause songs whilst multiple taps can enable you to skip a song and you can even control phone calls as holding the body for multiple seconds can reject calls if you are unable to answer them.

Key Features

The Bluetooth 5.0 sensor is powered by a Qualcomm processor that gives an impressive 33ft (11m) connection to nearby devices allowing it to connect to anything within your house or in the office.

It has noise-cancelling technology that will help feature out any distracting sounds and allow you to enjoy your favourite tracks or focus on whoever is calling on the other end of the phone.

The battery has an impressive lifespan of 9 hours on a single charge but it can also be supported by a charging case that can extend its lifespan up to 18 hours.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With one-touch control and heaps of extra gadgets, the HiTune wireless earbuds are certainly more than just your average pair of modern headphones.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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