Online learning is playing a bigger part in children’s education and you can help your kids embrace this dynamic by giving them all the tools they need to benefit from this revolution such as the BuddyPhones School+

The BuddyPhones School+ ensemble consists of a fully working headset with cushioned pads as well as an integrated microphone allowing to communicate with other classmates or their teacher.

To ensure crisp audio through the speakers, the volume is restricted to just 85dB which also protects their ear-drums whilst the earphones are covered with a padded cover to maximize comfort if it needs to be worn for long periods of time

There are heaps of nifty little features within the BuddyPhones School+ which makes it a great item for kids to use for their online learning such as:

  • It comes with two 3.5mm jack cables allowing it to plug into computers and tablets so they can work anywhere at home or even in the car on long journeys.
  • The microphone and headband are collapsible allowing the entire headset to be folded up and neatly stacked away to fit neatly within their school bag or desk draw once they are done for the day
  • The entire set-up is available in a range of bright colours and customisable stickers enabling young kids to personalize their own device to make them stand out from everyone else in the classroom.

Designed to be both practical and personal, the BuddyPhones School+ gives children everything they need to get the maximum enjoyment out of online learning whenever they need to hop online.

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