Get In The Game With The GSP 602 Headphones

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There is no substitute for pure focus when gaming online as even the slightest sound can indicate an incoming enemy and a collaborative effort between Sennheiser and EPOS has resulted in a new breed of gaming headsets the GSP 602.

The GSP 602 headset has been designed with competitive gaming in mind as the Sennheiser speakers have been designed to minimize intrusion from external distractions.

This is achieved through specially designed pads that envelope the speakers to form a cup round the ear to improve the acoustic settings for the audio feed to travel directly from the speaker to the ear and deflecting away any outside noises or interference.
Like all high-end gaming devices, the GSP 602 headset has a ton of features to accentuate gameplay and give the player everything they need.

Key Features

An adjustable boom microphone that can be easily moved to improve the quality of the incoming audio and can be moved both horizontally and vertically to pick up the perfect position for sound quality.

There are volume controls built into the right hand ear-cup allowing you to adjust the volume quickly as you play giving you ease of control without losing your focus in the heat of battle.

Each earpad is reinforced by flexi-guards that give added protection when adjusting the headset and also absorbs any damage should it get knocked or dropped on the ground.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By delivering high quality audio and catering for all the gamers needs, the GSP 602 headset will no doubt be a handy tool for any competitive gamer to have handy when they are settling in for their next online duel.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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