With kids exposed to media from such an early age, it is more important than ever to let them listen to their favourite shows in prime quality and this is now possible now due to the BuddyPhones Cosmos.

The Buddyphones Cosmos comes loaded with technology as the headphones have noise-cancelling technology and multiple listening settings to tailor the audio for the type of media that they are watching.

Alongside that, the wireless headphones have a battery life of 18 hours on a single charge meaning that they are perfect for use on long car journeys as well as at home from dawn til dusk.

The BuddyPhone Cosmos has been loaded with a good mix of looks and tech to make it perfect for kids to use such as:

  • The support band between each speaker can fold up making it easy to store when travelling or if you need to tidy it away if it is not being used.
  • The earphones are made from an anti-allergic material making it comfortable to wear and reduce the risk of any irritation for any children with sensitive skin.
  • It can be charged using any micro-USB charging cord ensuring that it can be charged anywhere from a computer, in the car as well as through any mains adapter.

By ensuring that it has excellent audio quality as well as features tailored for little ears, the BuddyPhone Cosmos is the perfect way for kids to enjoy their favourite songs and movies.

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