Achieve Studio-Grade Sound with Audio-Technica Monitor Headphones

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Suitable for both work and play

There’s no shortage of quality headphones available to suit your audio requirements. The trick is finding a set that ticks the most boxes or ticks them all if possible. Enter the Audio-Technica ATH-M70X Studio Monitor Headphones.

These professional over-ear headphones feature a timeless design that’s elevated by the latest audio drivers to offer users a stylish option suitable for everything from audio mixing and recording to listening to your favourite tunes and podcasts on the daily commute.

Audio-Technica equipped the ATH-M70X with large 45mm audio drivers tuned for accurate reproduction, and they’re capable of reaching both extremely high and low sound frequencies.

The headphones themselves feature a sleek black and silver design with well-cushioned earcups shaped to fit the contours of the face and provide natural sound isolation even in loud environments.

Audio-Technica forgoes Bluetooth in favour of a reliable wired connection. As a result, there’s no concerning yourself with battery life, and the lengthy cables disconnect for tangle-free storage.

Key Features

Experience premium earpads and a cushioned headband that provide durability and long-lasting comfort. The modular design allows for easy fitting of replacement parts should they be required down the track.

Both earcups swivel 90-degrees to cater for one-ear monitoring/listening in studio environments.

3 cables are included to suit a variety of audio connections. A black carry case that houses the headphones and cables is also included as standard.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Audio-Technica may not possess the same level of brand recognition as some contemporaries, but they do have 60 years’ worth of producing premium audio gear, and the ATH-M70X monitor headphones are no exception. Equip a set, and you will quickly learn why these headphones are favoured by professional sound engineers and content creators alike.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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