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Have you been searching for a small, affordable, and high-quality pair of earbuds for the train or bus rides, or maybe even for when you go to the gym?

Earbuds are one of the most commonly seen gadgets other than a smartphone, as nearly every second person has a pair. The Lisbon Earbuds by Urbanista is a great option for those who want an amazing pair of earbuds.

The Lisbon Earbuds are unique in their small yet bold design, but there is so much that sets it apart from all other wireless earbuds on the market. The bold color choices give back the individuality we used to find with our gadgets, with a completely Bluetooth and both iOS and Android compatibility that means everyone can get something out of the Lisbon Earbuds. Controlled by both touch control and your voice means you will never have to worry about your hands being too full to control your earbuds.

There are many features to the Urbanista Lisbon Earbuds that will help make your music listening and wireless earbud experience all that more special.

Key Features

Many wireless earbuds have long battery life but nothing that spans over an entire day. The Lisbon Earbuds will continue to play your favorite tunes for a total of 27 hours with the two extra full charges within a fully charged earbuds case. This means that if you have a full day of study or work you won’t have to stop listening to your tunes or podcasts.

Some headphone and earbuds cases can take up space in your bag or even drag it down if you are transporting your truly wireless earbuds anywhere other than your bedroom. The Lisbon Earbuds are a small and compact option when looking at wireless earbuds, with the case and earbuds only weighing 4grams each.

You can usually see when someone is wearing a set of earbuds and not everyone wants that experience with earbuds. With a simple Scandinavian design, the Lisbon Earbuds are completely sleek and camouflage thanks to their small size. Fitting within your ear without spilling over.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Headphones and earbuds are commonly purchased gadgets, as we all love our movies, music, or podcasts and when we are on the go, we don’t like giving up what we love. Especially when there are options like the Lisbon Earbuds to help you not need to stop.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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