Are you a music lover and a fan of vintage decor? Then the Acoustibox is the best thing for you. Not only a speaker for you to enjoy your favorite tunes, but the Acoustibox also has incorporated the design of the vintage gramophone into its elegant style. 

Ever since the 1800s and the invention of the phonograph, the world has always been able to experience music outside of symphony orchestra concerts, and we have enjoyed our favorite tunes on repeat. The Acoustibox takes us back to the older style of music players and incorporates the advanced technology that speakers today use. 

Not only does this music box bring the vintage to the modern-day, but there are many beneficial features to the Acoustibox.

Key features of Acoustibox:

To bring the modern world to a vintage design, the wooden dock is where you will place your smartphone to listen to your favorite songs whether they are already on your phone or streaming through a service like Apple Music or Spotify; with the ability to boost the volume up to three quadrants whenever you want.

The sound that is projected through the horn gives you the warm and rich tones that we all know and love while also providing a unique music listening experience, meeting today’s sound with a vintage aesthetic.

As long as your smart device has its speaker at the base of the device, the Acoustibox is compatible with all devices. There are no cords, no plugs or wires, just placing your phone in the dock and letting the music ring free.

This music box is the perfect harmony between old and new, blending the metal horn and wooden base in a detailed and simple design. The sound of your favorite songs from the Acoustibox brings you a vintage take on everything you love about music.

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