Improve Productivity and Focus while looking Stylish with Enten

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Do you find yourself losing your focus throughout the day?

Sometimes we find that even the most noise-canceling headphones still can leak in some distractions that can take us anywhere from minutes to hours to gain our focus back. Thanks to Neurable, the Enten wireless headphones have been created to mute even the softest distractions from pulling us away from work and home study. Neurable uses neuroscience technology to help create the best headphones and implement science into every day. The headphones themselves are connected to your devices through the finest Bluetooth technology, however, the best and most desirable part of the Enten headphones are the EEG sensors embedded into the plush fabric of the headphones. These sensors measure your focus patterns as well as what time of day your focus is heightened, to see how well your brain works throughout the day. Sending the information to the Enten app you will now know just how productive you are and when. These headphones are definitely up there on the market with top tier wireless headphones with many features that make them desirable for many.

Key Features

The sensors within the headphones do more than just manage and assess your focus and productivity levels, they also pick up subtle gestures like winks or nods which can help control your phone in a wireless and hands-free manner. While yes, you can use the on-device buttons, the sensors help make you even more productive.

These headphones will help manage your burnout, remove distractions and help you assess your own work/life balance. Combating such a situation found by many when it comes to productivity and time management.

While detecting when you are at your optimism focus level, these headphones can also auto-mute the smallest and loudest distractions around you. Muting calls and even lighting up with a do not disturb light so those around you know not to annoy and stop you from focusing on your work.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you are searching for headphones to help improve your productivity and your focus levels, the Enten by Neurable is a fantastic choice for absolutely anyone wanting new noise-canceling headphones.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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