Lenovo’s Elegant Digital Smart Frame Stand

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Do you love having pictures all around your home?

I have always loved having pictures all around my house to remind me of the people that I love. But sometimes we can’t frame each individual photo or our homes would look like picture museums. That is why the Lenovo Smart Frame is my best friend.

When Lenovo launched their Lenovo Smart Frame, it was instantly appealing to me. As mentioned before, I’ve always loved having framed art on my walls and after years of printing out pictures from the internet or even just cell phone photos and framing them, but I wanted something better. When Lenovo announced that they were working on a frame that could sync with my Google Photos account, automatically choosing photos for me to put in the frame, that was more exciting than I can describe.

There are so many benefits to having the Lenovo Smart Frame throughout my home;

Key Features

Get your life in the big screen

Sync your phone with this sleek device and cast photos to the frame, without having to go through a tedious process

Control everything from what's on the display, casting media and pictures to it from social media or mobile devices

Stay connected wherever you are. Just one press of an app store button is all that stands between you and anything you want to see

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Pictures help us remember the good moments in life and the good people who have helped us in our lives. Memories are important and being able to see them whenever we want, but also having the pictures rotate through and change whenever I want. The Lenovo Smart Frame is the best thing in my home and it can be the best photo frame in your home too.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

Hayley is one of the most respected woman tech editors in Australia. She is a professional and creative writer from Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria.