Machine Learning Lenovo Smart White Bulb for Dynamic Room Color Adjustments

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Have you been wanting to increase the smart gadgets within your home?

Lightbulbs are a great way to incorporate some smart gadgets into the home without changing too much of our interior decor, and the Lenovo Smart White Bulb is a great way to start bringing smart gadgets into your home.

Lenovo smart white bulb is a smart lamp that uses machine learning to dynamically adjust the color temperature and brightness. It can also be controlled by Alexa giving you complete hands free control of the light bulbs.

Lenovo smart white bulb is a smart light that combines the features of lighting, speaker, and smart home control. The base station connected to Wi-Fi network controls all kinds of smart lamps globally at home through Zigba network protocol. The smart lamp connects to the Zigbee network protocol to realize wireless communication between lamps in set rooms or in the same region as well as with the base station.

There are many benefits to introducing smart bulbs into your home as opposed to generic light bulbs as well as some great features to the Lenovo smart white bulb specifically;

Key Features

Save power by using the Smart White Bulb as opposed to generic light bulbs

Connect wirelessly with your smart home apps

Choose from over 16 million colors, change brightness levels and settings with ease to change the feel of your interior every day

Intelligent algorithms automatically adjust to best suit light conditions in your room

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Smart light bulbs are increasing in popularity which is turning many homes into more gadget friendly places. The Lenovo smart white bulb is an energy efficient and affordably priced smart light bulb that anyone can use in their home no matter their skill level in installing smart gadgets into the home.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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