The evaCHILL is a powerful and energy-efficient and portable air conditioner! No more lugging around a heavy and unattractive portable AC.

Finding a portable air conditioner that is not a pain to take around can be tough. You would think any AC with “portable” in the title would be light and easy to use, but no. Luckily, I came across evaCHILL and now have a new standard for portable air conditioners.

Totally portable and lightweight, the evaCHILL gives you 9 hours of cool air without having to lug around a clunky piece of equipment. 

Easy and Essential

The one-button setup control means that you will be enjoying the cool air very quickly and without effort. You can also enjoy this air with a clean conscience knowing that it is 100% fully biodegradable and biostable. 

Even when filled with water, the evaCHILL is lightweight. You don’t have to worry about leaks or spills as it is leakproof and it can absorb 500% of its weight in water. Between starting it up and getting the cold air, you’ll only need to wait 5-10 minutes and you can enjoy it for hours.

I recommend the evaCHILL as it is innovative, easy to use and powerful. I give the evaCHILL a 4/5.