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iBTW20: USB and Wireless Charging Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock

Gadget User Rating 4.5

The iHome TIMEBASE (iBTW20) is a sleek space-saving dual charging Bluetooth alarm clock with USB and wireless charging features.

Having separate units for a bedside alarm clock and a charging port near my bedside table can be a nightmare since it shows a lot of cords and sometimes they get tangled up. After a few retail store trial and research, I decided to try iBTW20.

iHome TIMEBASE (iBTW20) is a USB and wireless charging Bluetooth alarm clock that has dual alarms for separate wake times and alarm sources.

Bedside Companion

This multipurpose wireless alarm clock is aesthetically pleasing and does everything it promises. For a small device, it quickly connects via Bluetooth and lets me stream my music wirelessly with great sound. It is well-designed, that even people who are not tech-savvy can easily operate it.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

iBTW20 is the solution for my cluttered bedside table. It serves as an alarm clock, speaker, and charger and occupies a small space on my bedside table. If I set my alarm through the speaker, it turns on my Spotify to wake me up which is very helpful for a deep sleeper like me. On the other side, its display is too bright for me. But that’s just a minor complaint.In conclusion, I would give iHome TIMEBASE (iBTW20) a 4.5 rating for its promising features.

Adam Lucci

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