Rest Your Neck with Phone and Tablet Stands from Keko

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Do you spend all day and night on your phone and/or tablet and find it difficult to rest it against something so you don’t have to hold it all day long?

Maybe you struggle to find a book or box to rest your phone or tablet against, but what if you didn’t have to struggle any longer? Now, there is both phone and tablet stands expertly crafted by Keko.

Keko has both phone and tablet stands to make your days of using devices easier. They are both compatible with all smartphones, tablets and e-readers, fixed to be able to hold your phone or tablet portrait or landscape, as well as the tablet stand can move from reading to writing mode, and the phone stand has two ergonomic angles to fit any lifestyle. These stands are built to be able to hold your device for all hours of the day, meaning you can stay productive and enthralled without having to stop your progression of your day.

There are many other features to the Keko stands that make them excellent for everyone.

Key Features

The Keko stands are built from anti-scratch and non-slip rubber that won’t scratch or damage your device as it lays against the stand throughout the day, keeping your device protected.

With how many people use devices all day long, eventually our necks start to ache with the weight of our heads looking down, damaging our spine. The Keko stands prevent this potential internal damage by being stands you can adjust to be at eye level.

Being both heavy duty and lightweight, you will find that your Keko stand will withstand accidental drops and is also light to slide in your bag to take on the go or travelling.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is nothing better than having a stand for our devices, and with the lightweight and expertly crafted Keko stands, there is nothing easier to assemble and use.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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