Military-Grade Protection with the DualPro Phone Case

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Are you someone who tends to drop your phone often?

Dropping our phone sometimes feels like the worst sin of all as we are dropping our most prized possession on the ground and unfortunately, without protection, we are cracking the screen, breaking the camera and disrupting the functions of our phone. Now, the DualPro Samsung Galaxy phone case is going to come in handy.

Now, the DualPro case is built for all the users of the new Samsung Galaxy Note20, coming in both black or iridescent red/black. The DualPro case is built with two layers of military-grade protection in order to help keep your phone protected, while slim, the protection is large. Protect your phone from up to 10-foot drops while keeping your phone as stylish as you would like to be. Layer one is scratch-resistant and the second later is shock-absorbant to help the accidental bumps and knocks from cracking your phone.

There are many other features to the DualPro case that make it ideal for any Samsung user.

Key Features

The case itself is a lightweight case, therefore the 0.24lbs in weight will not bulk your phone up, or cause your hands to get sore from simply holding your device.

Some cases like to cover some ports and buttons which can make the accessibility of using your phone difficult, however the DualPro case will not hide the buttons and ports of your Samsung Note20 or Note20 5G, giving you full accessibility to charging ports, on and off buttons and also volume control.

With newer phones, phone cases take longer to be released, especially stylish and protective case, but the DualPro case is ready for action.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is nothing better than having a beautiful phone case like the DualPro, ready to protect your new phone and prevent any reoccurances of accidental drops you would experience with your past phone, with your new Samsung.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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