Theatre-like Experience Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Samsung Australia

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Have you been looking for a new phone that is going to completely revolutionise the way you think about cell phones?

The new Samsung Galaxy® device that revolutionises foldability with 5G evolution without compromise. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G delivers the future of foldable mobile communications. This phone gives you a more powerful and advanced experience than ever before, allowing you to play, work and watch on the go.

You read that right, foldable. This new Samsung Galaxy® is a foldable device that doubles the size of a regular smartphone into a mini tablet in size. Everything you could ever use is now in your back pocket. Split your screen between Youtube, a Google search and a sketchpad, you can have all your apps at one glance, rather than flipping between apps. Your productivity will skyrocket higher than you could ever imagine. Not only can your creativity reach higher limits, but your work productivity by being able to split screen Microsoft apps during work or school days.

There are so many different features that push this Galaxy® Z Fold3 above all other smartphones on the market right now;

Key Features

Immerse yourself in a new viewing experience with your entire screen acting as a mini cinema experience on-the-go. Not only for Netflix and YouTube videos, but also touch screen games have gotten a whole new upgrade with this experience

5G fast speeds for ultra-fast browsing, streaming and downloading all day

Flex mode viewing for the ultimate multitasking experience with being able to have 3 simultaneous applications open with up to 5 pop-up’s available

Enjoy breathtaking views from both your screen and Hinge

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Smartphones are always finding new ways to up their game and bring more technology into smaller and slimmer gadgets. Samsung sacrificed permanent size with a foldable design to jampack more incredible tech into one smartphone for you, but still give you the slim, simple design of a generic smartphone.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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