Protection As Well As Style with the Arc Pulse iPhone Protection

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Are you a fan of keeping your phone protected and stylish all at the same time?

With so many hardware cases for iPhone’s that you can purchase, so many of them take away from the beauty of simplicity from our phones. That stunning glass back color deserves to be seen but we also deserve protected phones, that is where the Arc Pulse comes into play.

Coming in either aluminum or titanium, you will feel comfortable knowing that your phone is protected from day one of snapping the Arc Pulse around your phone’s base and top. These metals are known to be both durable and longlasting, protecting the glass back of your phone incase you accidentally drop it off a surface or it falls from your hands. You are able to match both the titanium and the aluminum Arc Pulse’s to your phone’s exterior color also, allowing you to preserve the integrity of your phone’s color.

There are many other features to the Arc Pulse that make it the ideal protection for your iPhone.

Key Features

Being that it only snaps around the top and the base of your phone, and being built for the iPhone’s that use MagSafe technology, you do not need to worry about your phone not working with the wireless charging technology as the back of your phone is bare.

The experience of your phone without a heavy case is unlike any other experience. iPhone’s provide a truly remarkable phone experience and the Arc Pulse removes the compromising feel of a phone case.

Not only are both metals coming in Gold, Silver and Black colors , or are durable, they are also shock absorbent as well as dent and scratch resistant.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With hardware phone cases extremely popular for people wanting extra protection on their phone’s, we have always wanted to find a happy balance between enjoying our phone’s bare and beautiful as well as protected. The Arc Pulse is the perfect balance between protection and stylish design that comes with all new iPhone’s.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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